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The Problem with ‘Glam’ Vegans

October 12
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Last Wednesday, returning from a late Pio production night, I was pleasantly startled upon opening my computer to the homepage of the New York Times. A strikingly idyllic photo of vegan celebrity Rich Roll and his family sat at the center of the site, accompanying a Jeff Gordiner article titled “Vegans G...

Live Blog Issue 5

October 6
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A happy hello to all of our devoted readers, this is our second consecutive Pioneer late night live blog. I'll be providing up to date coverage of this special Tuesday edition of Pioneer production. 4:13 PM: Marra and Sarah work frantically to track down a photo. The snacks are not here yet...so the...

A Brief Vegan Instagram Anthology

Sarah Cornett
October 1
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During a summer adventure in veganism, I was quickly led to the exciting world of plant-based Instagram accounts. The Instagram scene opened up an addictive space of beautiful food photography, cooking ideas, and restaurants I put on my list to try when I return to California over breaks. Though there are s...

Live Blog Issue 4

September 30
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Production Night 2015, Reborn Edition 4:41 pm: Editor-In-Chief Sarah Cornett and I realize that the Pio editors used to live blog during production night. For all our readers out there, we agreed to make this a "thing" again. Prepare for lame humor (on my part at least, our back page this year is...

Teacup Pig Rant

September 28
Filed under Darwin's Finches

If you have ever had a passing “Uptown Girls” fantasy of owning a teacup pig, I’m here to tell you that it’s never going to happen. First of all there is no such thing as a teacup pig. There are many breeds of mini-pigs but none are as small as most people expect them to be. Most people expect...

A is for Activism

Lydia Petroske, Blogger
September 28
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Noun The policy or action of using vigorous campaigning to bring about political or social change ___________________________ With the simple exchange of a paper, I declared my major yesterday: Environmental Studies-Politics (as if each respective half of my major wasn’t contentious enough on i...

ASWC First-year Election Platforms

September 17
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Each of the first-year senator candidates submitted a platform in order to be included on the ballot. Ben Cosgrove Hometown: Fall City, WA Res Hall: Jewett My name is Ben Cosgrove, and I’m here to represent the Whitman College class of 2019.  I have only been here for two weeks, but I already feel right at...

Summer Updates from The Pioneer

Sarah Cornett
June 30
Filed under Editors' Blog

We are excited to inform you all of some new and exciting developments in The Pioneer's future!

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Passing A Moment

Adam Heymann
May 6
Filed under Excitement, Expansion, and Enlightenment in East Asia

"Philosophical discussion will not be the best way to understand Buddhism. If you want to be a sincere Buddhist, the best way is to sit. We are very fortunate to have a place to sit in this way. I want you to have a firm, wide, imperturbable conviction in your sitting. Just to sit, that is enough." Indeed,...


Sonya Kuzminski
April 26
Filed under ASWC Unpacked

On Friday, May 1, our president Tatiana Kaehler will be presenting the newly passed divestment resolution and the recent student referendum to the Board of Trustees at their spring meeting in Memorial. This is our biggest ask yet. College campuses across the nation are having sit-ins in support of fossil...

Senate Recap 4/19/15

Sonya Kuzminski
April 24
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The Senate met this past Sunday for one of the year's final meetings, considering the transition into next year, confirming appointments to the Council on Student Affairs, considering the leadership structure of next year's Power & Privilege Symposium and passing a resolution on divestment. They...

Lav Goes Meta

Vincent Warne
April 19
Filed under Lights, Camera, I Like Movies!

"Century of Birthing" is sort of like a twisted riff on "8 1/2," were "8 1/2" written by Hong Sang-soo and filtered through the relentless somnambulistic cinematography of Bela Tarr or Tsai Ming-Liang. Of course, that mishmash of name-dropping doesn't even come close to doing justice to the singular...

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